just like sweet potatoes

There are some infamous sweet potatoes.   James and I had been dating for about a second, and for his 25th birthday I had a brilliant and adorable idea to cook him dinner. I planned out a full menu, commandeered my dad’s beautiful kitchen and back porch and turned it into a romantic dinner for […]

calling and waiting

  Calling. That’s become quite a word for us hasn’t it? A buzzword, if you will. The sad thing about buzzwords is that when we give them buzz, they lose their original meaning. They lose weight. They become things that we can toss around like pillows and not care about the significant thud they make […]

awareness in prayer

I’ve been on a campaign lately to be more aware of everything: my own heart, the hearts of those around me, my fears and doubts, so that the enemy may not get a foothold in any of those areas. One area of awareness I needed to focus on was my prayers. I started listening to myself, […]

the daily kind of faith

On October 10, we received the test back. Cladosporium. The mold that was living in our house. Three weeks prior, I picked up a home mold test kit and laid it out for an hour in two places in our tiny, cozy home, and waited. 96 hours later, the petri dishes that had once been […]