in the uncertainty

I am approaching a season of uncertainty. Where was once walking in a worldly assurance, I am now at a loss for balance. With a few shocking words, the world’s rug was ripped from beneath me and I found myself falling in slow motion from my platform of confidence. Within minutes, I was facing the […]

dearest 16-year-old me

Dear Tory, I know that right now, life is easy. There is no life beyond the walls of your high school and your friends’ houses on the weekends. Sure, it may seem complicated, but your life is truly terrific. I can promise you that life will come, and when it does, you will handle it […]

learning to drive

Like most 15 year olds, I could not WAIT for the freedom driving would bring. I was always young for my grade in school and was one of the last one of my friends to get my learners permit. My birthday is in late May, but because of travelling and summer camps, I wouldn’t get […]


When I was 13 years old, someone very close to me hurt me in a way that I never imagined possible. My life was shattered in a single moment. I went from shocked to devasted to broken to angry in a matter of hours. Bitterness took root in my heart, and hate was my language […]

from chaos to calm

I so often find myself in such a tizzy that I forget what my life actually looks like. Has anyone ever been there? You just go, go, go and you’re constantly busy that one day you sit down for the first time in perhaps weeks and you go, “wait, what did I just do with […]


Doxophobia is the fear of one expressing their opinion or receiving praise. A few months ago I was sitting at lunch with two groups of girlfriends. Half were ones that I had known in the past, and half were recent friends. It was one of those awesome situations where your worlds collide. While we were […]

roots: insecurity

I can still remember the day that I found out that dandelions were weeds. Weeds are bad. You get rid of weeds. But dandelions. What could be bad about dandelions? With a name like “dandelion” you have to be good right? Wrong. A weed is a weed. And the only way to get rid of […]

roots: dreams

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the parking lot of a popular Mexican fast food restaurant talking about life with a dear friend. I was telling her about my seasons and about how God redeemed me through reminding me of my passion to serve. I was so surprised about the way God had […]


My grandmother is remembered for two things: her love for people, and her divine-given gift for cooking. She made the best biscuits and butterscotch pie you’d ever had. Looking back, I wish that I had eaten vegetables as a kid, because she grew all her vegetables herself. Corn, okra, tomatoes, green beans. She had two […]